Medical Assistant Salary

The salary of a medical assistant varies in a wide range. Factors that are considered are experience in the field, schooling that may include degrees or certificates, the area in which you would be working and where you would be working. The pay range averages from $23,000 to $33,000 which is a median salary based on experience. Hourly pay range averages from $9 per hour to $19 per hour.

The job of a medical assistant encompasses a variety of duties from administrative duties to taking blood from patients. Obtaining a degree or certificate in the field of medicine can help to dramatically raise what you would be paid as a medical assistant. There are many ways you can obtain these degrees or certificates with the options available for schooling, which include online schooling. You can also work in many different settings from physicians offices to hospitals to insurance carriers. Depending on the size of the company you work for you may be paid a salary more or less then what you may be paid somewhere else.

There are many factors to consider yourself when looking for a medical assistant position and the salary involved. This includes where you work, size of company, what type of area to work in, benefits, and the credentials of the employee. Research shows that 60 percent of medical assistants work in physicians offices and 40 percent work in hospitals. All of these factors can affect the medical assistant salary.

Opportunities for medical assistants are anticipated to grow by 54 percent by 2014. This will open up about 27,000 jobs per year. The reason for the growth is because of all the baby boomers who are reaching an older age and will be in need of more medical care and attention. Along with the growth in the hospital and physicians office setting there will also be growth in the private practice and school setting for those that are interested in taking their career as a medical assistant in a little bit of a different route.

Medical assistants are not licensed like a nurse has to be but some states do require medical assistants to pass a test to show that they are capable of performing their duties, like taking an x-ray correctly.

Advance your career as a medical assistant by applying for a Medical Assistants Degree. The more knowledge you have the more successful you will be. Even after obtaining a job to be a medical assistant continuing your education by taking courses as you need them will also help you obtain a higher salary in your profession.

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